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5 shocking environmental effect of E-waste

Electronic waste or e-waste gathers its name from electronic products that have reached the end of their useful lifespan. These items can often include computers, televisions, stereos, printers, fax machines, batteries, cameras, and more. A tape of the used electronic device needs to be properly salvaged, recycled, or reused to prevent a severe environmental impact. Here are some of the largest environmental impacts that can occur as a result of E-waste:

What is the Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Problem? | Rubicon

The Harmful Metal Components Can Leach Into Water Supplies

Most electronics like computers contain small amounts of toxic materials like zinc, nickel, chromium and barium. When this has the chance to leak into the water supply, this can lead to damage to the kidneys, blood and the nervous system.

Toxic Chemicals Can Be Released Into The Air

When the temperatures get warmer toxic chemicals have the chance to be released into the air which can damage the environment. Damage … Read More

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