Why online payment is best for your broadband connection

There really is no better alternative to online bill payment on your broadband connection – this article explains why.

Though you love the broadband connection in your home, it comes with the minor niggle of a monthly bill. You normally pay cash when settling all your bills – but isn’t it time to embrace the Digital India initiative and do broadband bill payment online?

Check out these benefits of online broadband bill payment that you’re missing out on:

* Fast and easy.Of all the bill payment modes that exist, none are as fast and convenient as online modes. The payment is transferred from your bank account or mobile wallet directly to the service provider in real time. Leading service providers like Airtel have superb smartphone apps like the myAirtel app that offers the last mile in broadband bill payment convenience – just key in the bill amount as prompted, and finish paying right away. The payment is processed at once and you receive an acknowledgement about it immediately.

* You can pay the way you want.The biggest benefit of online broadband bill payment is that you get multiple options in payment modes. But only leading providers have this multiple payment option facility. For example, Airtel broadband bill payment comprises multiple systems: the Airtel website, smartphone app, BHIM app (over a UPI interface), Airtel Payments Bank, net banking, and credit/debit cards. These same payment options are available for all bill payments and also phone recharge.

* You can monitor your bills and summon up old ones from the archives. Another benefit of online broadband bill payment is that the payment history has an e-trail that is easy to examine and monitor. Leading providers like Airtel send bills online (after asking if you would prefer online bills or hard copies) and Airtel broadband bill payment is easy to monitor since the entire bill history is saved on the app. Online bill payment is a green alternative to printing out paper bills, and the operational costs of online transactions are also much lower than those of offline ones. Besides, you don’t need to maintain a file of bills, when you have them on a server.

* The payment is made over secure platforms.Most people who are hesitant about doing the broadband bill payment – or indeed any online payment – online argue that the medium is not a secure one. They may even cite instances of phishing and theft directly from users’ bank accounts. But rest assured that the payment terminals offered by leading providers like Airtel are completely secure. If you want utmost security, you can do the Airtel broadband bill payment using a UPI app, which is fully secure. You can even choose to pay via the Airtel Payments Bank, which is a mobile wallet and savings bank account offered by Airtel.

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