5 Ways technology can help your business to sail through the COVID-19 crisis

The world is battling with the disruptive crisis of COVID – 19 that has caused most of the businesses, especially the smaller ones, to sink. Those who are still able to sail are the ones who are constantly analyzing the frequently changing events and making efforts to cope with the situations. This phase is literally redefining the trajectory of remote work, e-commerce, and telemedicine. The dipping businesses are also causing the world’s biggest economies to decline. In this time of economical distress, the only way forward is to stick together and fight the situation together. It is time to band together for different businesses and help small businesses and startups to survive. Technology is to play a key role in keeping many companies atop. Also, it is important to understand that the economies will be significantly transformed post-crisis. In this time you need to focus on two things, one, managing immediate risks to minimize damage and two, preparing your business for the new post-crisis world. Here are some ways you can use technology to prevent your business from sinking.

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  • Use social media to offer reassurance

In this time, everyone is affected by the crisis and is mentally struggling to cope with the 24/7 changing news cycles. You can register your presence and affirm your position in the market by spreading positivity. You can tell people how your company is making extra efforts in precautions and how you are contributing to this fight against this global threat. Use your social media accounts to reach out to the people. Spread the messages and cater to people with inspiration and moral support to make them aware of your existence and good work.

  • Bring in remote workers

With all the restrictions imposed by the governments and lockdowns, it would not be possible for your employees to serve your companies. In this time, remote workers can be of great help. You can save a considerable amount by hiring remote workers and keep the operations going.

  • Provide minimally but some services to the customers 

People around the world are living a highly restrictive life and are striving for normalcy. They are wishing to get at least the essential commodities that they need on a daily basis. You can utilize technology for taking online orders and payments through various means and help your customers as much as possible. This will project the reliability and dependability of your business.

  • Stabilize supply chain

Use the Internet to establish communication with your vendors. Although they are also facing hardship at this time, you should bring everyone together and try to stabilize the supply chain. Even if the navigation of commodities is slow and limited, make sure that it is still continuous.

  • Keep your analysts monitoring conditions on a  daily basis

The events are unfolding at a high pace and there is so much information floating around the media. Use the Internet to communicate and provide your business analysts with information as accurately as possible. This will help them to understand the progress of the crisis and changes that are taking place worldwide. They will be able to better anticipate the future and make strategies to keep your business afloat.

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