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January, 2021

  • 29 January

    How Radio Technology Impacts You

    People are forever dependent on wireless technology. While electromagnetic transmission has been around since before the radio, it has transformed completely in the era of smartphones and laptops. Tiny devices like the quadrature hybrid coupler do the work of splitting signals so you can get the service you need when you need it. Here is …

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  • 21 January

    Reasons for Ellucian Migration

    Researches indicate that cloud technology has become a milestone for all kinds of organizations whether small or mid-sized organizations. However, some decision makers are still reluctant to embrace this technology because of some security reasons and integration issues. Most of the businesses are with a wrong assumption that the use …

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  • 18 January

    Why is Linux Hosting Cheaper Than Windows?

    In the early days of the Internet, the choice of hosting platforms was limited to Dedicated Hosting and, sometime later, Shared Web Hosting. Now the choices have increased to include Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting. But there is one more distinction that is an important consideration, Operating Systems. Linux and …

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  • 12 January

    The Longterm Benefits of Buying a Computer

    Computers have become essential tools for business. They are used in every aspect of the activities of a company, and also to individual lives. It’s a great asset to a company as its uses include creating products, marketing, accounting, and administration. Business owners must take the time for their organization …

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December, 2020

  • 18 December

    How to Protect from Malware Attacks

    With over 2 million malwares created daily, it calls for being vigilant with your computer’s security.  The first step to protect yourself from malware attacks is to understand the various types of malware and how they attack your computer. Next, you should find out ways of staying in the safe …

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November, 2020

  • 14 November

    Best laptop for programmers

    Finding the best programming laptop is typically a dream that any developer has while still ensuring that it is portable enough to take out and about almost anywhere they go from home to work. While coding doesn’t necessarily need a powerhouse laptop, if you require to compile your code and …

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October, 2020

  • 23 October

    5 shocking environmental effect of E-waste

    Electronic waste or e-waste gathers its name from electronic products that have reached the end of their useful lifespan. These items can often include computers, televisions, stereos, printers, fax machines, batteries, cameras, and more. A tape of the used electronic device needs to be properly salvaged, recycled, or reused to …

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September, 2020

  • 15 September

    3 Types Of Programs For Business Owners

    If you own your own business or are thinking of starting your own business, there are a few kinds of programs and applications that should know about if you don’t already. These systems will make your job much easier. They can help you with many of the everyday processes that …

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August, 2020

  • 7 August

    What Does an SEO Company Do?

    You know that SEO is important. You need SEO if you want to rank on Google and drive traffic to your site. You may even do a little SEO on your site, but you may be thinking of hiring an SEO company. But what exactly does an SEO company do?Organic …

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July, 2020

  • 30 July

    5 Tips to Start Blogging During the COVID-19 Crisis

    The pandemic that currently has the world in its grip caught everyone by surprise. With an unprecedented lockdown protocol around the world, entire countries have been locked down. But the lockdown has uncovered some unique opportunities and blogging is one of them. For an individual, a blog is a medium …

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