5 Best Online Resources to Learn Mobile App Design & Development

In this swiftly moving world, mobile application marketing and development is moving ahead so fast that boundaries do not exist. Every question has an answer and it takes no pause.

 If you are designing an app, it has to contain a unique feature that would outshine many other apps in this competing industry. You also have to be very particular about what you want. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and SDKs for developing, with an idea of course.

Here are 5 top apps from some of the top mobile app design & development companies out there.

1. Lynda.com

Here you get all the resources required to build a top mobile app. Whether you are an iOS or an Android developer, you will be provided with the basic necessity software along with comprehensive mobile tutorials where you have step by step approach. They also provide a month of the trial version where you get to learn and enhance your skills with their enriched tool repository.

Lynda.com has its forums where people share ideas, updates about software tools as well as new enhancements on various mobile upfront

So if you are a beginner, intermediary or an expert, this forum keeps you busy with the latest trends.

2. Softonic

A complete online guide and a kickass software repository where you type a requirement, and it enables you 100 ways to get that. You have a number of simulators for various operating systems which enables you multiple options before you develop one.

They also provide you with trial versions and if you like it, you can buy them and keep developing your ideas into reality. It uses technologies like iOS, WordPress, Dot Net, and Oracle. It also includes app development, application solutions including enterprise, shopping, entertainment, finance and services and many more.

3. Mindinventory

Strategic planning and a path into the industry’s best phone design and development to compete in the world are what they promise. They guide through the standard mobile app of any category, and they have also worked with various organizations and individual to create dynamic apps.

This site provides knowledge of iPhone Development, Ionic, Android Application Development , iBeacon app development etc.

4. Dzone

Are you a cross-platform application developer? Then Dzone is one app you need. Coding is brilliant and complicated and few are really great at it. The strategy needs to be technical and elegant and it has a number of factors linking into it. Delve into the universe of cross-platform and you will not be disappointed.

5. Newgenapps

Selecting the right application and developing a platform and technology to make it visible is ideal. The site uses diagrammatic approach to give an introduction and to move on to the subject to help get access into the digital world.

Also YouTube.com can be a good source too which will provide with ultimate video lessons, teaching from scratch, guiding you verbally with great explanations.


The above-discussed were some of the top apps from the best mobile app design & development companies. Various methodologies, techniques, procedures used by the top designers and developers using different technologies are mentioned to help give you a better view for design and development of your own idea. Hope this has been helpful!

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