Risks of Using an iPhone With a Cracked Screen

When looking at whether your iPhone’s screen is cracked dangerously, it’s important to consider the circumstances. Everything from the placement of the cracks, to the presence of any jagged edges and possible damage to the phone’s interior can be a significant factor. 

Firsthelptech will help you find out whether there are any dangers to using your iPhone if the screen is cracked, and what can be done about it. Remember – it’s never as bad as it seems, but it pays to be attentive. Let’s dive in.

Risks of Using an iPhone With a Cracked Screen
  1. A touchy topic

Having a cracked screen may mean the touchscreen part is damaged alongside it. As an example, your iPhone 8 screen might prove less responsive in the cracked areas. That can make it highly frustrating to keep using it – as you would have to find areas where your touchscreen still works.

Unfortunately, your screen having suffered some damage to its integrity it’s now more susceptible to further damage down the road.

Due to the protective surface being broken, which means that finger oils, dust and debris will accumulate in the phone’s interior. That may lead to further damage down the road, so repairing a cracked screen can often improve your phone’s longevity. 

  1. Health hazards

One of the first worries you should have when handling cracked screens is the risk of cutting yourself on any edges. You may not think it happens that often, but considering how often you handle your phone, the odds of any jagged pieces to cause injury gets substantially higher.

Most phone glass is made to be safe, even in the case of cracks, but a lot depends on the angle and severity of the breaks. In any case, you should strongly consider attaching clear tape or a screen protector to minimize risk, before handing your phone to a technician.

  1. Eyesore

Literally and metaphorically, your phone will be harder on the eyes. For starters, a cracked screen is reported to give off the impression of someone unprofessional, lazy and somewhat irresponsible. Meanwhile, a perfectly clean, smooth and scratch-less screen looks much better and supports better first impressions.

Additionally, there can be significant eye strain due to cracks, as you can’t see the symbols under the cracks too well. At the same time, the cracks may wrap and adjust the image, so your eyes must constantly adjust – leading to more work for them. If your eyes are tired after using your phone – a cracked screen is the most likely culprit.

  1. Lowered value

These days, trading in your old phone for a new one is as natural as putting on shoes in the morning. Whether through a special program or just by selling your old phone, it’s become a completely commonplace activity. 

A cracked screen is an obvious reason to lower the price of your iPhone – and you can do something about it! The cost of an iPhone X screen replacement will prove smaller than the loss of value for your iPhone X – leading to a better return on investment. Act smart, and keep your iPhone’s value for the future!

  1. Harmful radiation

While not fully conclusive, studies show that there may be a risk of harmful radiofrequency radiation, which originates from your phone. Naturally, they’re captured inside the phone so that the little which gets emitted is safe for human use. However, cracked screens could potentially remove some of the protective layers, leaving you more exposed to harmful frequencies. 

An iPhone 7 screen replacement is a small cost in exchange for the peace of mind that comes with fixing a potentially significant danger to your health.

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