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How Many Visitors Can Shared Hosting Handle?

How Many Visitors Can Shared Hosting Handle?

A Shared Web Hosting service is the most common hosting platform used by websites. With affordability being the core advantage, most websites with basic hosting requirements prefer Shared Hosting services Providers offering web hosting in India promote Shared Hosting as an ideal service for websites that do not receive heavy site traffic. But how much traffic is heavy traffic? How many visitors can Shared Hosting handle? Let’s find out.

What Sort of Hosting Should I Choose for My Website? - SitePoint

When you opt for Shared Server Hosting, your website resides on a web server that is shared between multiple users. Hence, the resources are used in a shared manner allowing the host to offer cost-efficient plans. Resource sharing impacts the number of requests your site can process, and hence the volume of traffic it can handle.

Check out the following video to see how Shared Hosting works. This can help you better understand the resource allocations as well as limitations Read More

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4 Tips for Starting Out as a Welder

Welding is a great industry, full of job opportunities and growing all the time. Here are a few tips for putting your best foot forward as a junior welder and advancing your career as quickly as possible.

GMAW MIG Welding Process Techniques & Tips - Weld Guru

1. Put Ergonomics First

If done incorrectly, a career in welding can be physically damaging, and even in the best cases will be physically demanding. It’s important, before you even start looking at ultrasonic tooling and horns, to learn how to use your body in ways that will help you avoid injury and stay healthy on the job.

Whether that means installing lifts or getting better work surfaces, do whatever it takes to keep the strain off your body and on the tools. It’s also a good idea to frequently remind yourself to relax and unclench muscles that have been doing hard work. Something as benign as flipping your visor down with … Read More

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How Radio Technology Impacts You

People are forever dependent on wireless technology. While electromagnetic transmission has been around since before the radio, it has transformed completely in the era of smartphones and laptops. Tiny devices like the quadrature hybrid coupler do the work of splitting signals so you can get the service you need when you need it. Here is how radio technology impacts you.

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Most Electronics Rely on Radio Technology

Couplers and dividers can be found in modems and cable sets. The wires that transmit electricity use these things to split and convert signals to your television and Wi-Fi networks. This wireless service feeds you a connection to the internet and GPS services that you use on your smart device and computer. Radios and television consist of this signal receiving technology. The antenna picks up whatever signals you tune your radio to and converts it into sound waves so you can hear whatever station … Read More

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