Features to Consider When Buying Computers for On-Site Workers

When it comes to purchasing new technology for your business, you must take the working environment into consideration. Buying computers for on-site workers is much different than purchasing ones for staff that work within an office environment. Here are some features you must ensure that your on-site workers get with their new computers.

Mobility is the first factor that you need to consider for your on-site workers. They’re going to need mobile devices, such as laptops for tablets as compared to non-mobile devices like a desktop computer. The type of mobile device really depends on how much the workers will be moving the device. If you have field agents that are constantly moving out of their vehicles at sites where there’s not much space to set down a laptop, then a tablet is going to be ideal. However, if you have workers who mainly do their recording from a vehicle, a laptop can be a better option. Decide on the needs of your individual workers so that you can assess what mobile devices are going to be the best to use.

The processor size is going to be another feature that you need to consider. This is going to change depending on the number of tasks that your on-site agents will be doing on their computers. If your employees are only signing into one network for all their recording tasks, then a single-core processor can be efficient. Spending money on a multi-core processor isn’t really worth it. However, if your employees are running multiple applications at once, then a dual or multi-core processor is a necessity to ensure they all work seamlessly together.

Connect ability with the internet is a must to consider when making new computer purchases for your on-site workers. It’s likely that your business has a network database that your employees are accessing to do their work. In order to get access to your network to do their recording tasks, your employees are going to need reliable connectivity. Wireless network cards and other options are out there to help ensure your staff has the connectivity they need. The extent of the products that you need to purchase is going to highly depend on the types of areas that your employees travel to. Are they usually within the city or do they tend to go to rural areas with little reception?

The number of components that are required for the operation of the computer is going to be a factor to consider as well. Service vehicles may be content with laptops or split desktop and keyboards. Employees who don’t spend much of their time in vehicles will be better off with panel pcs where there are fewer parts to carry with them. This is where it’s important to consider the surroundings in which each employee will be utilizing the machine.

There are many features that you need to take into consideration when purchasing computers for your on-site employees. The above is just some of the basic factors that you need to consider. We encourage you to take some time to ensure that you get computers which will work effectively for all your on-site employees as technology purchases tend to come along with big price tags.

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