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How to Protect from Malware Attacks

With over 2 million malwares created daily, it calls for being vigilant with your computer’s security. 

The first step to protect yourself from malware attacks is to understand the various types of malware and how they attack your computer. Next, you should find out ways of staying in the safe zone. 

6 Proactive Ways to Prevent Malware Attacks - West X

The recommended ways to curb malware includeinstalling anti-malware, browsing as an admin, updating operating systems, using secure networks, and keeping up to date with new tricks of hacking.


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What You Should Know about Malware

Simply put, malicious software is an application intended to harm your computer. They are created by software developers who have ill motives. They take many forms


Their main differences resultfrom how they work on filesystems and the intended mission of the hacker. Trojans mimic and hide in your files. Hence, they trick you into downloading them. 


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