3 Tips To Design Effective Product Packaging

Creating a quality product isn’t enough to gain the attention and confidence of consumers. The item must be displayed in such a way that it draws shoppers’ eyes and promises to meet a particular need. Consider a few tips that may help you create the packaging that will make your product fly off the shelves.

3 Tips To Design Effective Product Packaging

1. Remember Your Audience 

As you think about package concepts and materials, be sure to cater to your target audience. This affects what your packaging will look like, what it will say and what it will be made of. For example, if your product is meant for a group that values eco-friendliness, be sure to use natural colors and recycled or biodegradable materials. Alternatively, if businesspeople are the most likely to buy your product, consider using strong, professional colors and fonts.

2. Maximize Functionality

Your packaging isn’t simply meant to look nice; it must also serve its purpose well. For one thing, the box, bottle or bag you design should protect its contents. Additionally, it should be easy for retailers to manage so they can neatly stack or line up containers in their store. Most of all, make sure consumers can easily open and use the package. Consider adding features such as a resealable plastic zipper or a twist-off cap.

3. Provide Key Information

Finally, carefully consider what you say on the packaging and how you say it. Be sure to provide relevant information such as the quantity of items the package contains, how the materials are used and what they are made of. That being said, avoid including dense blocks of text or false claims. Remember that there may also be legal requirements regarding the data you must include on labels.

Designing packaging that accurately represents and promotes the product you have engineered is no easy task. Make sure the container you build connects with customers and satisfies their expectations.

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