4 Technology Transforming the Digital World

The introduction of modern technologies has changed the traditional ways of performing computing works. The businesses are adopting the everchanging innovative tools and services to mark their presence in the front of the digital world. The following for technologies are the changes

1). Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is not only a technology, but it is also an era. Cloud computing with tonnes of virtualised services is widely adoptable technology ever seen. According to a survey conducted by  IDC , it has been predicted that the cloud will touch $554 billion of revenue by the year 2021. The outstanding services offered by cloud attracts most of the organisations to migrate their business over the cloud. Cloud offers a solution for infrastructure, storage, application, platform as a service. The only requirement to access these resources is the supported device with proper internet connection. The best thing about cloud is that it can be accessible from anywhere at any time and the charges are pay as you go.

2). Web Development and Marketing:

The website is the key to successful business operations as most of the businesses are promoting their activities on the internet with the introduction of cloud computing. Now one can quickly acquire resources on the cloud in just a few clicks and host their developed web application. Everything is in a flow. The most commonly adopted framework used for the web development is MEAN stack. MEAN stands for the mongoose ( a database), expressjs, nodejs (for server-side component) and angularjs (for designing the front end part). Due to its highly reliable and robust structure, most of the business operations are adopting the MEAN development. To get started developing the faster web applications you can go through the simplilearn’s mean stack developer training which explains the fundamental to advanced development procedure in a well-described way.

Companies like Salesforce, Amazon, Google etc., offer the vast range of services for the web development and marketing. Their advanced products allow you to perform analytics based operations to increase the productivity of your business. The advanced analytics tools attain the firms to attract more qualified leads with the help of the advanced marketing tools. The Einstein analytics is one such tool developed for providing intelligence to businesses by analysing the performance and opportunities.

3). Internet of Things:

As more and more devices are getting connected to the internet every day. The invention of smartphone and other smart gadgets diverts the flow of technology to a new path. The internet of thing is the concluded result, an advanced innovation which allows the devices to be operated at the real time. Counting from the smart home to a remotely handled coffee machine, everything is on the network and generates data. It is widely used in the industries to collect data generated from the sensors, transmitters, flow metres etc. for the further acknowledgement to improve the overall throughput.

4). Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is the future of the world. From the Sophia robot to the automated chatbots used in the website, AI is everywhere. As cloud has facilitates with the infrastructure and platforms for the development and use of the AI applications. Its broader use in voice recognition, text classification, natural language processing, chatbot development, Medicare and many other fields reduced the challenging tasks associated with many industries.

These technologies are not only driving the today of our world, but also participating in the development of tomorrow. No one can understand the law of nature and neither the law of technology due to its variable transformations.

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