What is VOIP telephony?

VOIP is the method of converting analog audio signals (these are similar to the signals that we hear when we talk on the phone) into digital data and transmitting them over the internet. In short, you are using the internet to make and receive telephone calls. It is also known as VOIP telephony. You can learn more about VOIP telephone here.

How does VOIP telephony work?

As mentioned-above, VOIP converts the analog signals into packets of data. These packets travel like any other type of data over the internet. When you are using the VOIP service, you can either call on the landline or cell phones. It also supports computer to computer calls in which both parties are speaking into the microphone of the computer and listening to each other through the computer headsets.

Since packets are involved, VOIP telephony does not work like the ordinary telephone service. It facilitates the transfer of a large amount of information over the network to support and enhance the communication. This service also gives you access to advanced applications that can help your staff become more productive. VOIP telephony is aimed at businesses and it treats all types of communications be it phone call, email, voice mail, faxes, web conference and more as discrete units.

Advantages of VOIP telephony for business

It is easy to install, configure and maintain

The IP phones are pretty easy to install and they don’t require much technical know-how. You can even set them up on your own. With the hosted VOIP software, you can add new users and make changes in the configuration of the system via the web portal. No hardware is required. All you need is an IP phone.

Scaling it up or down is easy

If your business expands and you need to add new phones, it is no problem with VOIP telephony. As soon a new employee joins, you can add a new line and if one leaves, you can remove that line. There is no limit to it.

You get a wide range of call features

Unlike a traditional call system, the VOIP system supports a number of features such as holding a call, call transfer, conference call, call hunt, auto-attendant phone menus and more. That’s great, isn’t it?

It supports fax too

VOIP telephony also supports virtual faxing which is known as IP faxing. Yes, faxing is sometimes necessary even in today’s digital world of communication. You don’t need paper or toner for that. You can readily send and receive faxes via your email account if you have the VOIP system.

It saves you money

One of the best features of VOIP telephony for business is that it saves you money. You can save money on installation and the call themselves. A business definitely needs to make a lot of international calls and without VOIP telephony, it can cost you a fortune. Switching to VOIP can certainly save you big bucks.

VOIP is also a great tool for improving the productivity of your employees along with reducing the business cost and enhancing collaboration.

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