How Many Visitors Can Shared Hosting Handle?

A Shared Web Hosting service is the most common hosting platform used by websites. With affordability being the core advantage, most websites with basic hosting requirements prefer Shared Hosting services Providers offering web hosting in India promote Shared Hosting as an ideal service for websites that do not receive heavy site traffic. But how much traffic is heavy traffic? How many visitors can Shared Hosting handle? Let’s find out.

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When you opt for Shared Server Hosting, your website resides on a web server that is shared between multiple users. Hence, the resources are used in a shared manner allowing the host to offer cost-efficient plans. Resource sharing impacts the number of requests your site can process, and hence the volume of traffic it can handle.

Check out the following video to see how Shared Hosting works. This can help you better understand the resource allocations as well as limitations of Shared Hosting – 

How many visitors can Shared Hosting plans handle?

Any website should be able to manage visitors without any interruption in service. There are various factors that can impact traffic management like hardware, applications, the total traffic load on the server, etc. Also, every website is unique and has different requirements from the server. Therefore, the number of visitors that the Shared Hosting Server can manage will vary.

To give you a generic idea, a good Shared Hosting plan should be able to handle around 2000-3000 site visitors every day with ease.

Before buying a plan, ensure that you check with the host about the quality of web servers used by them and the RAM and CPU specifications, along with the number of users on the Shared Hosting Server. This can give you an idea about the average number of visitors the server can handle without impacting your site’s performance.

You can also run some tests once your site is uploaded to ensure that you have a fast web hosting server. Many hosting providers offer SSD-based Shared Hosting Servers that offer higher reliability and better performance than the traditional HDD-based servers.

What can site owners do?

It is also important to note that no hosting provider can guarantee the maximum number of visitors a website can sustain on a Shared Hosting Server. The efficiency of the code of your site can also impact the number of visitors it can sustain. Hence, apart from focusing on the infrastructure and resources offered by the provider, you must also ensure that your site is optimized to put a minimal load on the server. This can ensure that the server processes requests faster and helps handle more site visitors with the same amount of resources. You can also choose a plan with the right operating system. A Shared Linux Hosting with cPanel can help you manage your site efficiently and optimize its performance. Lastly, ensure that the provider offers a scalable plan where some resources of the server are kept reserved to manage server spikes efficiently too.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, any reliable hosting provider should be able to handle around 60k to 100k visitors per month (2000-3000 per day). Hence, if you have a website with expected traffic in this range, then a Shared Hosting service can be good for you. However, ensure that you research well and consider all aspects to find the perfect Shared Hosting plan for your site. Good Luck!

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